Purple Passion Fruit

Why Purple Passion Fruit?

The true taste and essence of the tropics:

An international flavor that is intensely aromatic, with the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, and the unique punch of the exotic fruits. It offers a micro-escape reminiscent of a tropical getaway!

Preferred by chefs and mixologists around the world:

Its sweet and sour taste works beautifully with other ingredients, adding sophistication, excitement, and uniqueness to a variety of preparations.

Purple super-fruit:

Well known as a powerful antioxidant and as an excellent source of fiber, Purple Passion fruit meets the overwhelming desire from customers to enjoy what they consume and realize a benefit from it.

Our ingredients and Snacks

After extensive research, we developed nutritious and delicious products that capture the authentic flavor of the fresh Purple Passion fruit.
We have been exporting top-quality fresh fruit to Europe for over 35 years

Only Top-Quality Raw Materials

Double Impact

Behind our product, there are nearly 500 small-scale producers located in Colombia who have found a stable source of income in this fruit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Purple Passion Fruit products bring a perfect blend of tartness and sweetness, enhancing the flavor profile of various baked goods and culinary creations. Their versatility and their characteristic punch make them an ideal choice for both sweet and savory applications.
No. Our products are free from artificial colors or flavors and do not have preservatives. In fact, most of our products are 100% fruit.
Absolutely. We are happy to work side by side with our customers to come up with new creations that meet their specific needs.
Not at all. Our products can be ordered in small quantities and our lead times are very short as we keep inventory of almost all our products.
ingredients and snacks

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