Our Story

Unleashing the Essence of Purple Passion Fruit Globally

Who are we?

Kymuba is the agro-industrial brand of Ocati SA, a Colombian company with over 30 years of market experience in producing, packing, and selling fresh exotic fruits.

Ocati is the largest exporter of fresh Purple Passion Fruit and is well-known in the industry for its strict control of pesticide residues (food safety) and its robust traceability system that includes more than 500 small-scale farmers.

Kymuba, launched in 2022, focuses on creating innovative and versatile ingredients and snacks using Ocati´s Purple Passion Fruit.

Our brand offers freeze-dried, air-dried and spray-dried products for the food and nutraceutical industry, and the gastronomy market (B2B).

What we are proud of

Unleashing the
fruit essence

We deliver the authentic taste of the Purple Passion Fruit while maintaining its unique health benefits as a powerful antioxidant and an excellent source of fiber.


We give small-scale farmers in Colombia a new source of income by upscaling their “imperfect produce” and transforming it into higher value products.

Food waste

By using parts of the fruit that are normally discarded, such as seeds, mesocarp and peel, we are placing food waste reduction at the heart of our innovation project.

ingredients and snacks

Double Impact

Kymuba´s Purple Passion Fruit is grown by around 500 small-scale farmers who typically own about one hectare of land. We provide them permanent technical assistance, help them to certify in Global Gap and Fair trade and guarantee minimum prices through buying contracts of 100% of the production.

With our model, many famers have found in Purple Passion Fruit a profitable alternative to the cultivation of illicit crops. In fact, for our significant contribution to the consolidation of peace and regional development in Colombia, we have been recognized twice (2018 and 2021) with the Prize Emprender Paz.

We are proudly placing food waste reduction at the heart of our innovation project: you will see peel, mesocarp (inner skin) and seeds in many of our creations!

By incorporating into our ingredients and snacks parts of the fruit that are typically discarded, we not only reduce food waste but also enhance the nutritional profile of our products and give them a bold and innovative look.